LED light source medical's present and future applications
Published:2013-8-15 Click:1019

 Hospital lighting mainly meet the needs of diagnosis and treatment and patients daily life, has the characteristics of bright, light, the

light source and the surrounding colour has specific requirements, to achieve the purpose of correctly observe and deal with the condition.

Ideal medical lighting light source will be able to color temperature, illumination, optical density according to the need for continuous

adjustment, relative to the traditional light source, LED can easily meet these requirements. According to statistics, at the end of 2010,

China's medical and health institutions, a total of 937000 hospital lighting has formed a huge commercial market. LED industry begin to

lock in the new blue ocean market, LED light source gradually applied to medical equipment. National energy conservation center released

2012 annual "top ten efficient lighting powersaving technology best practices case" which contain the ? integrated LED lighting scheme is

applied to the hospital.
 Nearly two years, special LED lighting applications in medical equipment has the very big breakthrough, according to the medical

lighting sales statistics show that last year LED products in the proportion is rising in various areas of the hospital, which LED to check

light in the application of national treatment (10%), the application of LED headlamp in the operating room, emergency room (10%), of

LED lights in the application of Xray equipment is accounted for 25% of the market. Surgery LED shadowless lamp is recognised by

medical people, become a new generation of surgical equipment, last year LED the operation shadowless lamp is in the operating room

accounts for 20% of the market share of the country. Operation shadowless lamp is very expensive interior lighting products, but the

market is very large, the average 250000 / sets, 14000 sets of annual demand, the output value is about 3.5 billion, equivalent to 3.5 billion

output value of 100 watt incandescent light bulb. As the new farmers .
And the hospital is 24 hours a day Xu Liang lamp power users, if replace all lamps with LED lights for a hospital to save a lot of electricity,

is also a response to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction. Can introduce the EMC model hospital, also help

to hospital large-scale popularization of LED. Hospital big power consumption, through the EMC can bring profits for the enterprise.
Although good unprecedented, but in our country, used for lighting in the field of health care products, in addition to the indoor, functional

lighting lamps and lanterns, all belong to the category of medical equipment, high barriers to entry, production enterprise with the approval

of national drug and food supervision of products. Because do not belong to the medical industry, general LED lighting enterprise form a

complete set of difficulties. And the enterprise have an aptitude for medical equipment is not do not know much about LED lighting features,

thus forming a blind spot, let foreign products ChengXu into.